Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 50th Wedding Anniversary of Joe and Marge Schradie

We just spent an incredible weekend with Jen's family in Santa Cruz, celebrating her parent's 50th Wedding anniversary. With one sister living in South Korea, and one living in North Carolina where her parents are also, they had folks coming from long distances to be here.

As part of the celebration, Jen's nephew, Mikael, who is a student filmmaker, made this moving video from the family's old 8mm home movies and photos. There's something about the dated quality of the old film that you just won't ever get from the mass of digital video being created these days, something that evokes the time and place. It's a wonderful, short video and I don't think you even need to know the people to be touched by it.

Another one of Jen's nephews, Daniel, made this video greeting from her sister's family (with six kids!) in South Korea, who were not all able to make the trip. Kalian has been singing this non-stop, and is convinced "All You Need Is Love" was written by her cousins, and not those copycat Beatles.

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