Friday, August 25, 2006

Kappa Sigma Gamma Mixer

We did it! We did it! Thursday was the last day of Jen's summer session. She had a couple hellish days of exams. And was over. It's been a long six weeks for all of us. Now we're off for two weeks.

But before we head out for a bit, the Kennedy School of Government had a little party for the mid-career students. I had met some of the Jen's classmates at various social events. They have an afternoon social every Friday (or Keggers on the Quad, as I call it.) But this was a chance for everyone to cut loose. With booze.

We were fortunate that our good friend Joel and his fiancee Lani volunteered to babysit. This was our first date night in Cambridge without the kids. Woo-hoo! So we put on our finest threads and headed out:

The party was fun. Jen has been a little surprised at how conservative a lot of her classmates are, many seem to be from the military or the Israeli defenses services. So at the party, Jen could heard to exclaim random things like:

"That guy over there is in charge of the Iraqi cultural ministry..."
"That guy is running for president of Azerbaijan..."
"I just danced with the head of China's finance department..."

That's Jen dancing ironically to "Shook Me All Night Long." Yep it was that kind of party. And here are your future world leaders shaking it to "YMCA."

Well, that's it for now. We're taking off today for Vermont. We don't even know where we're heading or what's there or where we're staying. Ben and Jerry's. Mountains. Ben and Jerry's. Who knows? We've been too busy to plan anything.

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